Lakes Region Heating and Air Conditioning explains why it is better to hire a professional for your A/C tune-up and how it benefits you.

Save Money On Air Conditioner Tune-Ups

Posted: April 12, 2019 at 9:40am
By: Lakes Region HVAC

There aren’t many generations left who will take the time to fix appliances. Dryers, refrigerators, dishwashers, and microwaves are only meant to last an average of 10 years, according to This Old House. Don’t take that approach with your air conditioner.

Today’s energy-efficient equipment handling heating, cooling, and indoor air quality is sophisticated and precise. Even experienced HVAC technicians may not know the technical details on two comparable units by different manufacturers.

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There are a lot of DIY air conditioner tune-up videos on YouTube, but it would take a lot of effort to piece together a comprehensive HVAC education on your specific equipment from random vloggers. Once you did, the industry might change—more on that later.

The only way to save real money on A/C tune-ups is to find an experienced, manufacturer-certified HVAC contractor nearby with good referrals and business partnerships. Here are 3 ways you’re going to save on tune-ups with a scheduled service plan:

1. Save your investment from loss.

Performance is the key metric when it comes to central A/C systems and ductless mini-splits. Feeling cold air is not a guarantee all the system components are running efficiently. If you want to throw in a window unit and pay higher electric bills to sleep in the cold during the summer, you may not be ready for this article.

Lake Region’s commercial clients include Hannaford Supermarkets, Shaws Supermarkets, New Hampshire Motor Speedway, Home Depot, Anheuser-Busch, Walmart, Kohls, Kay Jewelers and Finish Line Sports.

Investing in any size cooling system for your home takes careful planning and technical know-how. For instance, when buying brand-new air conditioning equipment:

  • Have it installed by a manufacturer-certified dealer and factory-trained technician
  • Register the equipment right away
  • Keep up with regular maintenance and inspections by a manufacturer-certified HVAC technician, who only uses replacement parts made by the original manufacturer

Following this 3-part strategy will give you recourse to every available warranty should something go wrong. Plus, scheduled professional service has been shown to increase the life of HVAC equipment.

2. Save money on energy costs.

Every year regular maintenance is skipped, a brand-new, energy-efficient central air conditioning system loses 5% of its efficiency, according to On the other hand, the same organization says cooling systems receiving proper maintenance can retain 95% efficiency for the life of the unit.

Green energy savings is in our HVAC technicians’ job description. Free estimates on ENERGY STAR-rated air conditioning equipment.

Heating and cooling energy costs make up more than 40% of a typical household budget, according to ENERGY STAR. A 25% drop in A/C performance can quickly increase a household budget.

3. Save yourself from headaches!

Do you know:

  • A frozen evaporator coil may indicate you have low refrigerant?
  • How to compare amp draws from your compressor common wire, fan motor, and indoor blower motor to the spec numbers on your condenser’s nameplate?
  • Finding R-22 refrigerant for your pre-2011 air conditioner will be nearly impossible by 2020?
Lakes Region HVAC does design/build and new construction, as well as rooftop replacements, ductwork fabrication and installation, and installation and maintenance of both water-cooled and air-cooled chillers and heat pumps.

The HVAC industry is evolving with technological innovations and updated regulations, and as a result, job descriptions and training for HVAC technicians are changing as well. Manufacturers ensure all their certified techs have the tools and know-how to properly maintain their most energy-efficient air conditioning equipment. To put it simply, factory-certified A/C technicians are trained specifically for the equipment they work on.

The learning curve to acquire that level of expertise off YouTube videos and practice on your own air conditioner is more than most people can handle—or have time for!

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